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We’ve been with JCC for awhile and Isaac has taken two sessions of soccer with Coach Kirby and almost two sessions of basketball with Coach Kirby and Coach Jay. Just wanted to let you know that the coaches are doing a great job! Isaac loves coach Jay but he still thinks about Coach Kirby and asks when Coach Kirby will be back.

Happy Customer

Hi coach Debbie! I want to thank you and the entire staff of Texas Premier for all your work and lovely treatment to our children. VInnie loved learning about soccer in an organized way and really loved being with you all. We are due with a third child in the middle of this season so we will wait until the summer enrollment.

Thanks again!


Hi Gary, I’d like to thank you for such a great party. Every single kid had a blast, the parents loved it, and especially Brayden had a fantastic birthday. It was so fun and Mike is seriously the best. I know he had to change his schedule to be there and we are so very appreciative. Thank you so much.


Barrett and several of those in his class – Oliver G., Uriel, Oliver W., Julianna, Jeremy, and Shaan especially – have enjoyed and shown continued progress in their liking and comprehension of the game of soccer. Thanks especially to Coach Jared and to Coach Luis who stepped in last weekend.

Oliver, Uriel, and Barrett have joined a soccer team with the YMCA and had their first soccer competition at the same time as class was scheduled this afternoon. Might I say, Oliver, Uriel, and Barrett showed tremendous effort and skill transference from the TPYS program to their game today.


Great, thank you so much Gary! Coach Ralph has been awesome and we’ve signed up for his next summer section already!
I wanted to add that even thought there were about 10 crazy toddlers running around, coach Ralph makes sure my kid gets the attention in every single game, and that was great and it meant a lot to us and I have no idea how he does it!



We had the pleasure of standing in for my husband during Mia’s class this Saturday. I was so impressed with how Coach MIke really KNOWS each child. He knows what they like (as little as Mia’s obsession with stickers) and how they behave – which results in he really motivating the kids in class by making it fun for them. This attention to get to know each kid really shows a lot of care and interest that I don’t even see in all of their teachers – hence why the kids love him! I still remember how great Coach MIke was with Carter as well! I’m convinced he knows how to parent and “get through” to the kids more than us as parents

I can also tell you the word on the street with most of my Plano mom friends is that we all know Coach MIke is the best!

Thank you


Big thanks to Coach Jared for making this Session 1 so much fun! He has the patience of Job with this wild boys!

Thank you

Mary Elizabeth

I had the pleasure of standing in for my husband during Mia’s class this Saturday. I was so impressed with how Coach MIke really KNOWS each child. He knows what they like (as little as Mia’s obsession with stickers) and how they behave – which results in he really motivating the kids in class by making it fun for them. This attention to get to know each kid really shows a lot of care and interest that I don’t even see in all of their teachers – hence why the kids love him! I still remember how great Coach MIke was with Carter as well! I’m convinced he knows how to parent and “get through” to the kids more than us as parents

I can also tell you the word on the street with most of my Plano mom friends is that we all know Coach MIke is the best!

Thank you


Hi Debbie,

I just wanted to let you know that I recently got a job offer in San Antonio, so we will be moving over the next 2 weekends. We won’t be able to attend anymore classes. We really enjoyed basketball and soccer. Thank your for all your help. You are a great coach!

Thank you,


We thank you so much for your sports program as we’ve been involved since Troy was 18 months and he is turning 4 this week! We absolutely LOVE Coach Mike and are so thankful for him teaching Troy all this time. He really cares for the kids and is a great mentor to them. He pushes them when they need a little nudging and cares for them when they are upset. Thank you for always working with us and the schedule and offering classes that support our young ones! Many thanks and sincere appreciation,


Hi Gary- Just wanted to send a big thank you to you and Coach Mike. Sean Ryan has been in your program for almost 3 years (and been under Coach Mike almost the entire time) and FINALLY played his first real game last night—6u modified coach pitch. It was amazing and the most fun to watch as a parent. We can’t say thank you enough for all the hours Coach Mike has spent teaching and training him to be ready for last night. Your program made it fun for him to learn the game and easy for us to follow up with practice at home.


Hi Gary,
I’m sure you hear this all the time, but I wanted to pass along kudos to both Coach Mike and Coach Blake! They are by far the absolute best youth coaches we’ve seen. We joke that the soccer league is for “game experience” but the classes with Coach Mike and Coach Blake is where they actually learn anything.

The kiddos love their coaches and have made so much progress with them. We look forward to seeing them again in the next session …. You’ve got some exceptional staff members, but I’m sure you already know that!



Dear Ms Debbie
Just wanted to let you know that Brandon, my husband and I absolutely love Coach Mike. We moved to Frisco 3 years ago but continue to drive to Carrollton for Brandon’s soccer every Saturday because of Coach Mike. He is energetic, wonderful interaction with the children while making them play real soccer and having fun. The children somehow always listen to him (compared to his substitutes). I also talked to other parents who share the same feeling towards Coach Mike. I know the other parents (e.g. Carson’s and Bernard’s) and I would go elsewhere for soccer if Coach Mike was not there. He is a true asset to your company.


We really liked Coach Luis Saturday at 3pm so wanted to sign up with him if possible. He also subbed at yesterday’s class and everyone really liked his style of coaching. Thanks!


Please let Coach Louis know that Blaise has really enjoyed learning from him. Coach Louis was an amazing teacher and so patient and kind with the kids.
Thanks again,

Jaklin & Nick

Hi Debbie,
I have just dropped off Coach Keith’s gift, please can you let him know to ask for it? It is at the front desk of the JCC.
We have been so grateful for the good impact he has had on our Joseph. Coach Keith has set high expectations and Joseph has risen to them! He has managed something Dan and I were not able to, getting him to try hard things with a basketball. And Joseph LOVES it.


Thanks! Dean loves coach mike and coach Blake!
Without a doubt, we truly enjoyed Coach Chris. He was so good with the kids. He really encouraged them and made them feel special. We will definitely look for him when we’re ready to re-enroll.


I just wanted to take the time to thank your staff for a great summer session. Coach Mike did an outstanding job interacting with the children and getting them to participate in class.
Not only does he have a love for the game, he works so well with the children and has a great deal of patience. We look forward to the upcoming session.

Rachel & Diondre

Sophia is in the Sunday 10am Cubs class. Sophie has had both Mike and Josh during this session and has enjoyed both of them. At least she participates with both of them. Personally, we will continue to attend the sessions no matter who’s coaching, as long as they’re good with 2-3 year olds. So far we’ve had good experiences. Sophie enjoys the sessions and her dad and I feel she benefits from the sessions physically, socially and mentally. We have registered for the next Sunday 10am Cubs class and will be there tomorrow for the medal ceremony.


I just wanted to send you guys an email since this is our first time around with Texas premier youth sports. My son use to take a soccer class out in Rockwall with another company but once personal changes were made the class really changed and we were not pleased with it any longer. I searched and searched and came across you guys and decided I wanted to give it a shot and I will say I’m very pleased I did! My son who is 2 1/2 is in the Cubs class with Coach Kirby and he really enjoys it. I myself coach younger kids and watching Coach Kirby with this age group , he truly knocks it out of the park. He works so well with these kids, he\’s patient, he\’s funny and he knows how to keep them engaged in the class. My son absolutely loves him and looks forward to coming back week after week, I\’m so glad I found this program and gave it a shot, we will definitely keep coming back.

Monica E.

I also wanted to say how much we (parents and kids) absolutely love Coach Mike. We have been doing your program for about 5 years now (both of my kids) and Coach Mike is the best we have had. He runs those classes seamlessly, and his enthusiasm makes it fun for everyone! A+++ and 5 stars for sure!!
Thanks so much!


To whom it may concern,
Just wanted to give some good feedback on our soccer experience this fall. Our daughter is enrolled in the tots soccer program on Saturdays at the JCC, and so far we have been really thrilled with the soccer skills she has been learning. Her coach is Taylor Gunter, and he has been wonderful with the little kids….He knows how to engage them and teach at their level, and we’re pleased with the skills Ryanne is learning. I have seen an improvement in her coordination and ability to maneuver the soccer ball just even in the last few weeks.
It’s not always easy working with toddlers, but Coach Taylor certainly knows how and is doing a great job.


Finished the first fall session of soccer. Girls can play soccer too- they loved it! And Coach Debbie is amazing with all the kids! Excited for the next round! ⚽
Coach Kirby is the Best youth coach I’ve ever seen and that comes from the parents of two former professional athletes. We have really enjoyed him.


My name is Arin and my son Nathan has been participating in Soccer Tots for the last 2 years at American Indoor in Carollton. He is now in Cheetahs at 11am but has been taking the class since he was under 2. I am writing to you to let you know that Coach Mike is exceptional and does a fantastic job coaching my son and the rest of the children in the class. I actually have 2 children (my older son also did soccer tots from age 18 months to 4) and I’ve had them both in numerous activities over the years such as soccer, swimming, gymnastics, art, Gymboree, and Kindermusik. The majority of instructors and coaches for young children are ok, a handful are terrible, and a very few are exceptional. Mike falls into this last category. I’m continually impressed with his patience, enthusiasm, and creativity in the way he manages the class. He deals with a very difficult spectrum of personalities and ages and does a fantastic job keeping the children engaged and entertained while also teaching them valuable skills of self control and working together. Thank you for your time hearing my comments. My son adores Coach Mike and I very much appreciate his hard work and dedication to coaching and teaching my son.


Hi Gary,
I wanted to let you know we are very pleased with Coach Mike. He demonstrates patience and kindness at every soccer class. Santiago enjoys it and we’re very happy!


I just want to let you know that we (I know I speak for other kids’ moms as well) think coach Mike is an awesome coach. I know coaching little kids is not an easy task. But he does such a great job on engaging them and keeping them focused while still letting them have fun. My son really enjoys his class



Hi there,
Coach Andrew is the best coach we have come across. He is so awesome with kids, with lots of energy, good tactics/skills teaching and makes kids participate/laugh and enjoy at the same time. The kids follow him since he is so amazing with kids and Ishan is becoming enthusiastic learner for the baseball skills. Cannot say enough good things about this coach. Please don’t let him leave this facility ever! I usually never send any feedback but coach Andrews attitude and enthusiasm to teach kids has made me send this email…!!
Thank you very much!!


I signed my then 2.5 year old twins up for soccer last spring. It’s one of the best things I’ve decided to do. I was worried they would be too young, but the skills the coach introduces were on their level. “Soccer” is taught to the kids through I signed my then 2.5 year old twins up for soccer last spring. It’s one of the best things I’ve decided to do. I was worried they would be too young, but the skills the coach introduces were on their level. “Soccer” is taught to the kids through fun games. At first, it seemed like the kids were just running around and having fun every week, but as the weeks went on and turned into months, I started seeing how the games improved their skills. Now, around 9 months later, they’re better at ball control than I am (that’s not saying too much, though lol). But really, this has been a fabulous experience. Also, I have to say their coach is fabulous. He is patient and funny and doesn’t get frustrated at all when one of my kids (or both of my kids depending on the day) gets moody. He’s always there and on time and really seems to have fun teaching and playing soccer with the kids. We had the same coach in the spring, the fall, and now the winter. In the summer, we had a different coach. He was very good with the kids, too, but I think he might have understood the 3 year olds’ attention spans and capabilities a little less. Still, I was very happy with him as a coach, and it makes me think that Texas Premier Youth Sports is very good at finding and hiring good coaches. With more experience, the summer coach probably would have learned the 3 year old attention span, and he was still great and I wouldn’t mind having him as the boys’ coach again.This is the only toddler/young kid soccer practice we’ve been to, but we’ve been so happy with it, and not planning to change even though there are closer locations with different programs. It’s a joy to see how far my kids’ soccer skills have come. Plus, it’s so darn cute when the boys come home and want to play “Coach”. They set up our soccer cones and take turns designing obstacle courses and being “Coach”.I highly recommend this program.


My wife, Esther, sent me your email. I’ve filled out the survey (below), but I wanted to add that I am very impressed with Coach Pete and I think he’s doing a great job. At times, the boys can be a bit trying, but Pete’s never lost his patience and he’s always in a good mood. Jack loves T-ball and he’s looking forward to the next session!
We rate Coach Pete 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5

P. Hood

He’s awesome. Our boys absolutely love him. They even take out cones and soccer balls at home to play “Coach Pete.” One will be “Coach Pete,” set up an obstacle course, then they’ll both run through it. They did this without any prompting from us at all, and will often beg us to play games at home like they play in class.

Happy Customer

Coach Pete is phenomenal with kids. He has a sense of humor, even when the kids are being crazy. He never gets impatient, even when the kids kick around and mess up his setup. Really, there couldn’t be a better coach. He’s a big factor in our decision to keep our boys in Texas Premiere Sports. We really hope he’ll be back in the spring! (We have to skip winter session, since we’ll be out of town often.)

Mason and Cameron’s Mom

S. Williams

Evan loves his coach so much he asked for a Mohawk! Coach-Mike

Valerie G.

Youth Soccer class.
We really want Mason to continue this in the summer. It has helped him so much with his coordination and motor skills. Your youth soccer program is unique in how you guys make it fun while still engaging Mason. We love your youth sports programs.

Thank you so much.


My name is Whitney , and we had our first ever Party experience today. We were somewhat familiar with the activities format having participated in your youth programs when my son was younger. And, today, we celebrated my son turning 4. I have to tell you what an AMAZING job Coach Kyndra did for our party. Seriously-she was so fantastic that we haven’t even finished unloading the presents from the car and I feel compelled to write. She was energetic, developmentally appropriate with the kids, and an expert at keeping them all on task. She was friendly, patient, positive toward the kiddos and extremely helpful. She made our party a HUGE success! Your Birthday Parties are Great in keeping the kids all together and centered around my child’s big day! Oftentimes people only go the extra step to write/call when there is a complaint….however, Kyndra did such an excellent job, she deserves the recognition!

Thanks again for a wonderful birthday celebration!


“My Son Matthew gets up every morning asking if today is Soccer Day! He is so disappointed when we don’t have Soccer! We definitely want to sign him up again as it makes him so happy.”

Mary L.

I just wanted to send a quick note to let both Coach Luis and the Soccer program know how much I appreciate them and their program. My son attended Soccer for almost 2 years starting at age 3 in your tot program. The coach was incredible with the kids and displayed a high degree of patience. The games they played in the program give kids a very good understanding of the basic skills. My son is in the middle of his first season of U5 city league soccer since leaving Premier Soccer program and, I believe due to his early exposure to the game and skills of soccer in your classes, have attributed to his success. In his first game, he scored 8 goals and usually averages 6 per game. He truly understands how to play the game and has learned solid fundamentals and I think your tot Soccer was a key to giving him an advantage in his current group. I have already recommended several people who have an interest in soccer for their children to this program and I believe two have signed on. They too think it’s an outstanding program. I will continue to recommend it. Thanks again for a great program and tell Coach Luis his influence and coaching are extremely effective and very much appreciated.

Proud Parent

Johnny LOVES your youth sports! He would go everyday if he could. We feel like Johnny is always challenged and learning great foundation skills to build on. Thanks for the GREAT PROGRAM!

Amanda Martin

Jordan really enjoys his soccer classes with Texas Premier . He loves to go and run about with the other children. It has improved his listening skills and I am just amazed on how well he can dribble the ball now. When he starts PreK next year and joins a soccer team, I can see that he will be confident in the skills that he has learned in Premier Soccer. Our Coach is very patient with the children and has a great time. Jordan insisted for us to sign him up for the spring session. He is in swimming and other sports classes at the gym and I thought it may have been too much. But he really said he wanted to sign up again for Soccer and he is one to be truthful at age 3.5 years old. I am happy that I found a kids soccer class like this one.

Happy Customer

The coaches are wonderful when they work with the children and very patient with each child. They understand that the younger children are not able to follow instructions as well or as quickly as older children. My daughter loves this class and asks about it all week until it is time to go back! Great program!