General Policies

Here at Texas Premier Youth Sports(TPYS) our classes are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Please note, that classes are not scheduled on a rollover basis. In other words, you are not automatically signed up for the next session. To insure your ideal time, please call the director for your area listed on the home page to sign up early.

Current students will have advanced notice (announced by the instructors) of open enrollment, followed immediately by open registration. Remember that this will be announced by your instructors/Coaches so should you not be there in class or practice, please check with the office as to when you will be able to sign up for next session. Session dates will always be posted online at for public registrations.

Please note that Texas Premier Youth Sports reserves the right to delay or cancel classes where enrollment is fewer than 4 children. Should a cancellation occur, we will make every effort to enroll your child in another class or team. Since classes that are less than four students will be subject to schedule changes, please have a second class choice time in mind.

Registration Fee:

A $25.00 annual registration fee is due upon your initial signup with Texas Premier Youth Sports. This charge will be required annually upon your anniversary date. Each child in your family will be charged $25.00.
There is no sibling discount for the registration fee.
This fee is subject to change at the discretion of the organization and will supersede any price that may be posted online or in outdated informational brochures made available throughout the Dallas/FortWorth Metroplex.
Any refunds on the registration fee is based on the situation.
Upon registration payment, the free trial class is automatically forfeited and can not be applied to any class or any session.


Full refunds are returned if the reason of termination is due to TPYS not being able to comply with the terms of the agreement. i.e Class did not make.(No Admin. Fee)
Coach preference does not qualify for a refund.
Requests for program refunds must be submitted before the first day of the session is scheduled to begin.
All refunds will incur a $25.00 administrative fee.
Absolutely NO REFUNDS wil be given after 24 hours of completion of the First class of a session.
No admin fees are charged if a class credit is accepted.

Once we have reserved a spot for you in a class, that spot is considered sold, and is no longer marketable. We understand that life events do happen which will cause you to miss classes so please refer to the Session or Class Cancellations policy for further information.

If your child has been attending classes without payment, Texas Premier Youth Sports reserves the right to process payment from the credit card information on file.

Trial Classes (No Obligation Trial):
Only one trial class is permitted per child, per family. If a sign-up results in a registration then payment for that class is due including the remainder of the session fees.

Trials are granted at the request of the customer and are only permitted based on availability in the class requested for the Trial.
A full refund will be granted if requested after the trial class.
It is not the responsibility of TPYS nor is it required by TPYS to offer a Trial class to any customers at the time of registration. You must request the trial class via e-mail or telephone, so we can check availability. Do not just show up to a class as it may be full.
After the session has started, there are no trial classes if you register.

Pro – Rating:

Class Fees are pro-rated and the class charge will be based on the remaining classes left in the session.

Session Cancellation by Customers:
If your request to cancel an entire session is received at least one week prior to the first class of the session, your class fees will be returned ONLY. The Registration Fee is Forfeited and The $25.00 administration fee is charged.

Cancellations made less than one week prior to the first class of the session or during the session, will only be credited (TPYS Bucks) if we are able to fill your space and only for the # of classes that the space gets filled.
If we are unable to fill your space prior to the session start or during the session no TPYS credit will be issued.

Unforeseen/Uncontrollable Circumstances:
Sometimes there are circumstances that cause TPYS to have to cancel classes, such as bad weather, facility closures, etc. These are very rare instances and are completely out of our control. When these instances do happen we cannot guarantee that a make up class will be offered and no refunds will be given either as the reason for the cancellation was not caused by TPYS. We will try to offer make ups to customers on a first come first serve basis, but we cannot guarantee a make up will be able to be offered.
Standard Makeup Policy applies.

Makeup Classes:
We understand at TPYS that there will times that you will unable to attend a class.

You may call to schedule a make up class for any missed classes by calling or emailing the Director for your area and arranging to participate in an alternate class that has availability. TPYS will provide class time and location alternatives that have space availability.

TPYS does NOT INSURE make-up class space and or availability. It is on a first come first serve basis. The only options maybe another day/time or location.
Make ups have no cash value and cannot be applied towards another session or given to another customer.
Classes not made up upon completion of the session are forfeited and will not carry over into any subsequent sessions.

Sessions must be paid for in advance in full. Cash, Personal Checks, MasterCard or Visa is gladly accepted. A $30.00 fee will be assessed for all returned checks. Checks must be received prior to class start.

Instructor Requests:
We understand that once your child finds an instructor with whom he or she is comfortable, you may want to continue with that instructor. We will try our best to accommodate you with your request, however, we Cannot Guarantee That You Will Be Assigned The Instructor That You Request. Because all of our teachers are excellent and bring along their personalities and skills we feel that it may benefit your child to take classes from a variety of instructors. All of our instructors are trained on the same game curriculum in the same way. This helps familiarity for the kids as they start playing our games. All Instructors must follow our guidelines, bring lots of energy to the class, and follow the TPYS game curriculum.

Instructor Absences:
We schedule our instructors to avoid any unnecessary staff absences; however, at times an instructor may be unavoidably absent. Should your instructor be absent, we will provide an extremely competent substitute. In the extreme case, when no substitute can be provided, we will arrange a make up class or issue a voucher worth the full value of the class.

Parents Role:
As our classes and curriculum are based on age, there will be differences in the progress of your child versus the other children. Please do not compare. Just as children learn to walk and talk at different rates, they will progress in TPYSat their own pace. Praise even the smallest accomplishments. Let your child know that you are proud of them. Positive reinforcement is always one of the greatest tools in any learning experience. At TPYS we utilize a pull philosophy, rather than a push philosophy. We feel it best to include them in activities they enjoy partaking in, rather than pushing them into an uncomfortable situation. (Even if it is just kicking down a cone

They are welcome to observe the class but for safety reasons, we may no longer allow these younger children to walk and crawl around the field and play with equipment on the same field as the class. If you wish, you may ask the instructor for some equipment for the child to play with in another area where classes are not being conducted.

Older siblings:
They are welcome to watch but may only participate as a “helper” to the instructor and not as participants. We can only have 1 helper per class. Again, this is to prevent injury to the children. Older children will be asked to leave the field should they be a distraction to the class.

Regarding the crying child… :
There are many reasons why children cry; separation from parents, feeling out of control, afraid of the new situation, hunger, or tired. Each and every reason will go away with time and positive reinforcement, except for hunger and tired. Therefore, please pick times that do not directly conflict with your child’s nap time and please feed the hungry tummy prior to class. Each instructor can share many stories with you about reluctant, fearful or shy students that end up happy. Please remember, crying, fussing, non-participation is much more difficult for the parent than the child or the instructor. If you should see your child is truly upset or crying non-stop, please feel free to come and join them on the field as long as you feel it to be necessary.

General Rules:

(1) Please check in with the instructor each week. Please provide you child’s first and last name and the class they are participating in. Please do not assume we know who you are as we have many new students being added each week.

(2) ATTIRE – We require sneakers or tennis shoes, shorts and T-shirt, no sandals, no dress shoes.

(3) Parent participation classes – Please only one parent per child on the playing field. This will allow for more focus and attention to the activities.

(4) Absolutely no food or drinks or gum during class.

(5) Potty – Have child use the bathroom before classes.

(6) Liability Waiver Form – All parents of participants are required to sign this document on behalf of their child prior to stepping on to the field. There are no exceptions to this rule. Should you not sign this document, your child will not be allowed to participate and no credits or refunds will be issued.

(7) Safety – We strive to provide the utmost in security and safety for all your children. Should you have a concern of any kind, please bring it up immediately to the Coach or if necessary to the Director.